Quantum (70 to 105 hp)


Maximise Your Harvest | Invest in a Quantum

Quantum’s are high-performance tractors specifically designed to meet the needs of orchard and vineyard customers. Narrow by nature, these machines are packed full of features, performance and operator comfort that will see you ensure your productivity at all times.

The new Case IH Quantum V, Quantum N and Quantum F specialty tractors have the versatility to fit the needs of your business operation. Quantum V will be the obvious choice in narrow vineyards whilst Quantum N gives more stability when width is less critical. Quantum F provides more operator space and a wider vehicle for orchard use. In addition, cab or platform versions can be specified to tailor a tractor from the Quantum specialty range to suit your exact operating conditions.

The Quantum V has a minimum width of 1,069mm and is ideal for the narrowest vineyards, with the Quantum N & F (minimum width 1,225mm or 1,398mm) are a better choice for wider spaced plantings and orchards.

  • 75-105HP Tractors available
  • Selective 4WD & Hydraulic Remote Valves Standard
  • Ergonomic Design for Comfort & ROPS for Safety
  • Orchard, Vineyard, Kiwifruit (Also Cab version available)

Manufacturer Base Warranty:
Quantum | 12 month/unlimited hour (which ever occurs first)

REDCover SPP Coverage:
24 month/2,000 hour (whichever occurs first)
Plus optional REDCover Warranty Programmes available - please enquire