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We have been focusing on the Sumo mounted and trailed Trio range in New Zealand, which is a super one-pass cultivator. Trio has made great inroads into the market, particularly the North Island. Sumo’s GLS subsoiler is a classy addition to any stable and will leave a soil environment that is conducive to maximising grass growth and better crops.”

Sumo UK is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative machinery for the different farming systems employed across the world.

Designed and built by some of the country’s finest and most highly-skilled engineers, Sumo machines are made to last.
Sumo has a longstanding reputation for supplying heavy duty, well-made products ranging from direct tillage seeders, tine
cultivators and one-pass seed preparation machines including the mounted and trailed trios or the Quatro, a versatile onepass
minimum tillage cultivator.

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