The Malone’s range are proving their worth in New Zealand’s settings, particularly the mowers which are rapidly becoming one of the best-selling brands on the market.

Tough mowers and tedders, built to suit NZ conditions.

Malone, based out of Ireland brings innovative and creative products to the market. With a wide range of agricultural products – mowers (disc and centre pivot), tedders, toppers and log splitters, Malone products are well suited to NZ conditions. And with the emphasis on working closely with farmers to ensure the product exceeds expectations, they are rapidly making their mark in NZ and will stand the test of time.

For more information contact Andrew Johnson (AJ) – Giltrap AgriZone Sales Consultant
Phone 027 703 7446 or email

Or Jarred L'Amie – Giltrap AgriZone Wholesale
Phone 027 203 5022 or email

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