Speedy Hitch Transport Tray

Speedy Hitch Transport Tray

Built with your convenience in mind, our tray’s quick hitch attaches and detaches, without you having to leave the cab.


  • Pickup and detach without leaving the tractor seat
  • Heavy duty 25mm treated timber deck
  • Removable stock crate with sliding gate
  • Rear gate section can be stored at the front of the tray
  • Mounting bar supplied (Cat I or II)


  • Overall Length: 1.90m
  • Overall Width: 2.13m
  • Overall Height: 1.05m
  • Tray Width: 2.13m (7')
  • Tray Length: 1.37m (4'6")
  • Tray Height: 0.80m
  • Recommended Tractor Size: 35hp (26kW)