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RF25 Forage Wagon

RF25 Forage Wagon


  • Manual feed rate control
  • Fully sprung and braked tandem axle with 10 stud hubs.  Brakes are hydraulic
  • Tandem axle with 3 positions for variable draw-bar loading
  • Ladder, mudguards/walkways and LED tail lights fitted
  • Double chassis ready for scales
  • High tensile floor shaft
  • Priority belt speed control
  • Stainless steel sides for corrosion and wear resistance
  • Mesh front screen and back gate for good visibility
  • Self-releasing back gate - opens automatically when bulk unloading
  • Central greasing system for difficult-to-access bearings including top elevator shaft
  • Cast iron bearings for long life
  • 35mm treated T&G pine floor for extra durability


  • Model: RF25
  • Overall Length: 9.40m
  • Overall Width: 2.85m
  • Overall Height: 3.27m
  • Loading Height: 3.06m
  • Bin Length: 6.40m
  • Bin Height: 1.93m
  • Bin Width: 2.05m
  • Tare Weight: 5680
  • Cubic Capacity: 25m³
  • Conveyor Belt Width: 1200mm
  • No. of Floor Chains: 4
  • Load Cells: 6 x 5000kg
  • Jack Type: 80mm screw
  • Axle Type: Tandem
  • Axle Size: 90mm (10 stud)
  • Wheels: 500/60-22.5
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