Feeding square bales, round bales, pit silage or beet?

No matter what you've got to feed, the new Giltrap MultiPlus Feeder will get the job done efficiently with minimal waste.


  • Can feed out both sides & into troughs
  • Rate control on the floor chain with elevator load sensing valve
  • 1 piece Hardox® tub body for the toughest body on the market with chain and slat moving floor
  • High sides are standard for stacking two layers of square bales
  • Rope rail runs the full length of the body to tie bale twine on to. The twine strips off the bale as the load moves forward.
  • Hydraulic tilting elevator on right hand side with concertina anti-spillage plates


  • 4' round bale capacity: 4 x 1800mm dia.
  • 4'x3' square bale capacity: 8 up to 7' long (double layer)
  • Cubic capacity: 13.5cu.m
  • Est. load capacity: 8700kg
  • Bin length: 4165mm
  • Body length: 5760mm
  • Overall length: 7500mm
  • Body width (internal): 2100mm
  • Overall width: 2890mm
  • Floor height: 1200mm
  • Loading height: 2200mm
  • Main bin floor: Four chain/slat moving floor
  • Tandem axle: 70mm / 6 stud unbraked
  • Wheels: 400/60-15.5
MultiPlus feeding out silage and fodder beet