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Don't have a tractor, or you don't want to tie up your big tractor feeding the stock? No problem. Our Bale Buggy will feed out all types of hay, straw or silage round bales - no tractor or hydraulics required!

Tow it behind a road vehicle or side by side ATV. The buggy is ground driven, uses a winch for loading bales and is designed to feed out with minimal pasture damage because you don't need a tractor.

Feed is distributed behind the Bale Buggy as you drive forward, but the reduction gear ratio ensures that the feed mat is broken up so that it's not wasted with animals trampling it into the ground.

And the powder coated frame and aluminium side panels not only look great, but will provide years of maintenance free use.


  • Handles all types of round baleage
  • Feeds out to the rear, with even feed flow so that baleage doesn't get caught up in the chains
  • Feed chains are geared 3 x slower than ground speed, so the feed mat is not continuous, and reduces the torque load on the ground drive wheel to reduce slippage in muddy conditions.
  • The bale weight is forced forward while feeding which keeps load on the drawbar for traction on the towing vehicle, and reduces the risk of the bale falling off the back going up hills.


  • Model: Bale Buggy
  • Overall length: 3.40m
  • Overall height: 1.52m
  • Overall width: 2.15m
  • Weight: 433kg
  • Feed chains: 8mm high tensile link
  • Max. Bale Size: 1.80m (dia) x 1.35m
Bale Buggy