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Renovator MK4

Renovator MK4

The Renovator MK4 is the premium gravity box drill in the range.

Featuring 125mm or 150mm row spacings, the MK4 can be configured for a wide range of jobs, from planting grass in the high rainfall rolling hills of the South Island, to planting cereal crops on the dry plains of Australia.

High capacity boxes coupled with the accurate peg tooth seeder units mean you can sow accurately and for longer with the renowned Renovator reliability.

Sturdy 25mm coil tines with the Baker boot are spaced out over four toolbars for optimum trash flow. Commonly coupled with disc openers and tine harrows, the MK4 will make a beautiful job in the most challenging conditions.

Choose from 3 metre and 3.5 metre models, to sow large hectares in a range of terrain and conditions.

Seed Size

Small to large

Operation Size

From 100Ha


  • Large capacity boxes with lids opening to 110°
  • 25mm coil tine and Duncan ‘T’ boot with Tungsten tile on leading edge
  • Weather skirts to cover over the seed and fertiliser metering outlets
  • Large loading platform with safety rails
  • Weigh kit with scales
  • Electronic hectare meter
  • Safety chains
  • Stainless steel agitator shafts
  • Peg roller seeder unit
  • Electric drive off ground following radar is optional

Quick Specs

21 Run
24 Run
24 Run
28 Run
Sowing width (mm)3100 3000 3540 3500
Overall width (mm) 3070 3070 3570 3570
Overall length (mm) 3825 3825 3825 3825
Height – Working height (mm) 2145 2145 2145 2145
Height – Transport height (mm) 2430 2430 2430 2430
Weight incl. disc openers (kg) 2030 2160 2360 2490
Row spacing (mm) 147.5 125 147.5 125
Box capacity (l per side)550 550 650 650
Small box capacity (l) 70 70 90 90
Recommended min tractor HP 90 90 100 100