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Renovator AS5300/6100

Renovator AS5300/6100

If you have a lot of ground to plant, our Renovator AS5300 or AS6100 are the machines for you, with a well-deserved reputation as a premium tine direct drill.

5.3 metres and 6.1 metres wide respectively, these two drills are wide at work and a narrow 3.1 metres for transport on the road.

Highly specified with electric drive, touch screen calibration and dual 1000 litre hoppers that will let you sow for longer.

Our smart hydraulic accumulator system holds downward pressure on the wing sections, ensuring they stay in the ground when the going gets tough, but also allowing contour following on undulating ground.

Like all of the Renovator range, these two models feature the strong 25mm coil tine and Baker Tee boot to create tilth and plant the seed at the right depth in either cultivated or direct drilling conditions.

Customise your drill with a large range of options like the small seeds box, a crane for bag lifting, ISOBUS control, disc openers and harrows.

Seed Size

Small to large

Operation Size

300Ha plus


  • Folding version of the AS3000/3500 Renovator
  • Large, easy access loading platforms & safety rails
  • Nihard inverted “T” point with Tungsten leading edge
  • 25mm coil tine
  • Bin level sensors in hoppers
  • Large 1000 litre hoppers with internal distributor heads
  • Duncan touchscreen electric drive system with GPS speed sensing
  • Hydraulically controlled downward pressure on the wings
  • Easy depth adjustment on the four wheel leg rams
  • Accord type air system with hydraulic fan
  • Long drawbar with swivel tow eye
  • Wide flotation transport wheels
  • Automatic wing locks when in transport

Quick Specs

42 Run
36 Run
30 Run
48 Run
42 Run
36 Run
Sowing width (mm) 5250 5310 5250 6000 6195 6300
Transport width (mm) 3100 3100 3100 3100 3100 3100
Machine length (mm) 6460 6460 6460 6460 6460 6460
Working height (mm) 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780 2780
Transport height (mm) 3110 3110 3110 3550 3550 3550
Unladen weight (kg) 5300 5100 4900 5600 5400 5200
Row spacing (mm) 125 147.5 175 125 147.5 175
Hopper capacity (l per side) 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000