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Renovator AS16

Renovator AS16

The Duncan AS16 is the air seeder version of the popular single box Eco Seeder.

This is an entry level direct drill with push button calibration and an electric fan. The 300 litre hopper is well suited for smaller jobs and the drill can be trailed or linkage mounted.

With interchangeable seed shafts, this drill can sow a variety of seeds from clover and swedes right up to oats and peas.

As with all Renovators, the 25mm coil tines and Baker boots place the seed in the ground at the correct depth to encourage the best germination and crop establishment.

Disc openers and tine harrows are handy options that can be fitted to this well priced drill.

Seed Size

Small to large

Operation Size

Up to 100Ha


  • Proven “T” boot and 25mm coil tine for accurate seeding
  • Weigh kit
  • Footboard and handrail
  • Electric driven air bin with simple calibration
  • Exchangeable metering cartridges
  • 3PL or trailing configuration

Quick Specs

Number of runs16
Sowing width (mm)2376
Overall width (mm)2995
Overall length (mm)2856
Height – Working height (mm)2000
Height –Transport height (mm)2300
Weight including disc openers (kg)940
Row spacing (mm)148.5
Hopper capacity (l)300/500
Recommended min tractor HP 60