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The Uni-Roller is a following tool for use in direct drilled or worked ground applications. The Uni-Roller comes with new tyres for even compaction, can be water filled for added weight, and is able to be towed on the road.


  • 2.4 metre, 3 metre or 3.5 metre sizes
  • Made with new tyres
  • Jack stand is standard
  • Ability to add water weight
  • Fully powder coated finish

Quick Specs

Dimensions2.4m3m 3.5m
Overall width (mm) 2554 31533612
Working width (mm) 2390 29903448
Height (mm) 623 623 623
Length (mm) 2300 23002300
Weight (with water) (kg)680 800915
Weight (unladen) (kg) 496 578652