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APV Seeders

APV Seeders

These APV hydraulic or electric air seeding units are suitable as third hoppers on most Duncan drill models. Ideally suited for broadcasting cover crops in the same pass as sowing the main crop.


  • Complete sowing machine with hoses (25m)
  • Different sowing shafts (fine seed and coarse seed)
  • Accurate & wind independent seed dispersion
  • Metering roller
  • Agitator
  • All required cables and module for the electric drive
  • Calibration slide & counter plate
  • 8 dispersion plates
  • Seed hopper
  • 8 outlets with 8 Y-dividers


  • Speed independent dispersion & headland management
  • Hectare counter, automatic calibration-test function
  • Electric or hydraulic fan
  • 300 litre or 500 litre hopper

Quick Specs

Weight (kg) 70 93 116
Dimensions (L x W x H cm)110x77x100 110x77x100 125x80x125
V (through a euro (D) plug) 12V/25A 12V/25A12V/25A
Hopper (L) 300 300 500
Sowing width (m) 1-4 1-12 1-12
Outlets 888
Control box yes yes yes
Spreader plates yes yes yes
Fine and coarse seed roller yes yes yes
25m Seed hose yes yes yes
Cable (1.5m) from euro plug to control panel yes yes yes
Cable (6m) from control box to the APV Unit yes yes yes
8mm Base metal base plate Standard Standard Standard