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Maxxum Series (110 to 140 hp)

Maxxum Series (110 to 140 hp)

Suitable to sheep / beef / dairy / fencing contractors & high-spec buyers: Renowned for its performance, versatility and comfort, Maxxum tractors have high horsepower powered by FPT engines with proven technology that increases performance and fuel efficiency.

Maxxum tractors have joined the ranks of Case IH high horsepower tractors powered by FPT engines with proven technology that provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. Maxxum tractors are designed to handle the multiple tasks of livestock operations, row-crop applications and roadside mowing. In addition to enhanced cab visibility and thoughtfully designed controls and comfort.

Maxxum Series (110 to 140 hp)

Maxxum Tier 3

The Maxxum Tier 3 has four and six cylinder options (110 (4cyl) & 125/140 (6 cyl)) to suit more intensive use and heavy jobs for farmers and contractors. Large four post cab, semi powershift transmission, and high capacity load sensing hydraulics are all standard features. All models boast 38” rear wheels. Available as a 4 cylinder 110 or 6 cyl 125 and 140 models (all tractors labelled as rated horsepower and standard as a cabin version).

The 110 and 125 models are available as a ROPS version as demanded by some large scale NZ dairy farming companies.

Maxxum Series (110 to 140 hp)

Maxxum Tier 4

The latest specification common rail engine with cleaner exhaust emissions and an engine power management feature to provide a horsepower boost when it is needed. Models available up to 163hp (boosted) in 4 cylinder and 175hp (boosted) in 6 cylinder.


Operator comfort isn’t about making the workday easy. It’s all about making every day as productive as possible, even when it starts before sunrise or stretches past sunset. The Maxxum operator environment is designed to make the long hours, and the tough tasks, fly by. The Maxxum Series provides unmatched visibility, and industry-leading cab suspension. All in all, the Case IH Maxxum cab provides the comfort and ease of operation needed to maximise in-field performance during long workdays. This tractor is also available in a 4-cylinder transmission.

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