Bale Handlers


Handling round or square, small or big, soft hands with patented features are designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage, than any other bale grab, bale clamp or bale handler and are ready to fit to your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front-end loader.

CXR Soft Hands

The latest Softhands developed, tested and manufactured in New Zealand by Hustler Equipment. Built specifically for New Zealand farmers on a budget, the CXR carries Hustler’s 2 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Compact Soft Hands

For farmers handling thousands of bales a year, Compact Soft Hands® is a robust, dependable bale handler designed for use with smaller tractors. They will handle virtually any size of round or square bale and feature Hustler’s slim profile adjustable hands. An equaliser bar is available if required.

Mega Soft Hands

Built for the serious contractor or large scale farmer the versatile Mega Softhands can handle both round and square bales. Capable of handling hundreds of thousands of bales each year. Bigger, taller hands provide more grip on the bale reducing damage when compared with smaller models. Field-tested to handle bales up to two tons.