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Renovator Classic

Renovator Classic

Built specifically for the farmer, the Renovator Classic has earned its name. The Classic is the updated version of its predecessors, the MK1, MK2 and MK3 Renovators.

The Classic will sow a wide range of crops in both cultivated and uncultivated ground. The standard Classic is capable of sowing small seeds at 800 grams per hectare, to fertiliser at well over 300kg per hectare.

The sturdy 25mm coil tine with the Baker boot will ensure the seed is placed at the correct depth. The Nihard casting and tungsten tipped point ensures a long life in the toughest environments. The Classic is fully powder coated to protect it from the harshest weather and keep it looking sharp for years to come.

Seed Size

Small to Large

Operation Size

Up to 300Ha


  • Single or dual box
  • 25mm coil tine and Duncan ‘T’ boot with Tungsten tile on leading edge
  • Weigh kit with scales
  • Safety chains
  • Stainless steel agitator shafts
  • Peg tooth roller seeder unit
  • Disc openers optional

Quick Specs

Number of runs 19
Sowing width (mm) 2800
Overall width (mm) 3026
Overall length (mm) 3512
Height – Working height (mm) 1700
Height – Transport height (mm) 2035
Weight including disc openers (kg) 1610
Row spacing (mm)147.5
Box capacity (l per box) 348
Single box HC capacity (l) 750
Recommended min tractor HP 80