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Alstrong Auctus

Alstrong Auctus

Rejuvenate and condition your grass with the Alstrong Auctus.  It's unique design allows up to 6 operations to be completed in one pass.

1. The fully adjustable, individually sprung levelling boards scarify and scratch the surface removing dead material while exposing soil patches for re-seeding.

2. The drum repairs poached soil and surface damage.

3. The blades fitted to the drum aerate the root zone allowing air and water to penetrate faster encouraging growth.

4. Air-seeder applies grass seed/clover in an accurate and even fashion.

5. Two rows of fully adjustable harrow tines aid seed to soil contact while stimulating and further conditioning the grass.

6. A gang of prismatic roller rings gently press the soil and leave a nice even finish.


  • Heavy duty structural steel frame
  • Flotation tyres
  • Soft-ride transport system
  • 15mm hardened steel blades
  • Full LED lighting kit
  • Heavy duty, low maintenance bearings

Quick Specs

Auctus 3m
Working width (m) 2.82
Min.Horsepower (hp) 140
Dry weight (tonne) 4.5
Weight with water ballast (tonne) 5.2
Transport width (m) 2.9